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If your property was built before 2000 it could contain asbestos materials in the structure and finishes.

We have seen a steady rise in house purchasers desperate to know if their new Leeds home is going to be a safe place to live, and many solicitors and mortgage providers are also wanting asbestos survey information as part of their lending criteria, Did you know that 2,400 people in the UK die of Asbestos mesothelioma cancer every year its a crazy number I know and shocking that’s the equivalent of 6 people a day.

When you’re considering buying a new home in Leeds for the health safety of your family and close friends who may visit your home over a lifetime a full domestic asbestos survey in Leeds will be needed as soon as you employ the services of a builder, plumber or electrician, to carry out any repair or refurbishment work that could disturb asbestos materials and cause deadly fibers to enter your air and worst of all your family’s lungs, it is always good advise to employ a qualified asbestos surveyor in Leeds, who is qualified and licenced with carrying out asbestos surveys in the local area and can also offer you the best cost price for your asbestos testing samples. 

Asbestos HSE will offer you a fast and cost-efficient service for prospective homebuyers requiring a full residential asbestos survey test in Leeds call one of our asbestos surveyors in Leeds today to discuss the cost of an asbestos survey and receive free asbestos advice. Hundreds of thousands of people are at risk from exposure to asbestos in both homes, business, residential, and commercial buildings and even schools across the UK, and our goal is to perform as many asbestos tests in Leeds as possible to remove as much of this deadly asbestos material from the home environment as possible.

Where can I find asbestos at home?

Kitchen tiles


Garage roof

Pipe Lagging


Insulation Boars


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