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If your property was built before 2000 it could contain asbestos materials in the structure and finishes.

Until 1999, asbestos was widely used for an extensive range of construction purposes in both new and refurbished buildings. Asbestos was also used for building and electrical insulation due to its resistance to fire and durability. The toxicity of asbestos and its threat to human health resulted in the hazardous material being heavily restricted and even banned since the 1980s. 

This extensive use means that there are still many commercial, industrial and residential buildings that contain asbestos, especially if they were refurbished or built before 2000.

When ACM (asbestos-containing materials) are damaged, the fibres can be released into the air, which results in severe health risks to workers or building occupants from inhalation or exposure. For your safety, it is important that asbestos is removed. But, before asbestos removal can be carried out, our surveyors have to conduct an asbestos risk assessment. Here’s everything you need to know regarding an asbestos survey. 

What is an asbestos survey?

An asbestos survey is undertaken within a residential, industrial or commercial property, building or structure with the purpose of identifying ACM. This survey is crucial to establish what type of asbestos materials are present and how much. For the survey, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the premises and gather enough information for a risk assessment and asbestos management plan. 

The survey is going to involve sampling and assessment to confirm the absence or presence of asbestos-containing materials and what type of asbestos. The samples that our surveyors will collect during the survey will be sent to the laboratory to be examined. 

Our detailed survey is going to tell you:

–> The type of asbestos

–> The location

–> The quantity 

–> The condition

Where can I find asbestos at home?

Kitchen tiles


Garage roof

Pipe Lagging


Insulation Boars


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