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Our team of asbestos removal specialists are fully insured, licensed and trained to handle all aspects of commercial asbestos removal in whole UK We can conduct a thorough survey of your site before commencing the asbestos removal process. Our team makes use of state-of-the-art detecting tools to confirm the presence of asbestos and the amount of contamination that has to be taken care of. In the event that you require asbestos removal, you can rely on our professionals to safely remove asbestos, collect it and properly dispose of it. When our technicians will be working on your site, you can expect to experience minimum disruption of your operations.

Where you can find asbestos in commercial building.

Safe removal of asbestos from commercial sites

As a professional asbestos removal company, we ensure safe and complete commercial asbestos removal through the use of a combination of cutting-edge equipment with approved procedures and techniques. We also follow a stringent set of asbestos removal processes that are compliant with the regulations of HSE. Our top priority is the health and safety of our clients. We conduct rigorous audits that make sure the maintenance of all quality control procedures.

Sectors we serve

Education (universities, colleges and schools)

Local authorities and councils

Warehouses and factories

Small, medium and large-sized offices

Public buildings, such as libraries

Healthcare (hospitals or NHS and care homes)

Retail spaces and shops including cinemas, clothes shops, cafes and restaurants

Commercial Building

Asbestos survey before demolition

Are you planning to demolish your commercial building? If so, your site may contain asbestos and you need to have a survey conducted to make sure that this hazardous material is removed before you can commence the demolition work. As part of full-service commercial asbestos removal, we can carry out a comprehensive survey and also removal work. You will also get a certificate guaranteeing that your commercial site is asbestos-free so that you can continue with your commercial demolition and construction work.


Asbestos HSE Ltd Offer Asbestos Surveys For As Little As £80 Pounds, possibly the best price in the UK right now in 2021.


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We can provide you with a full detailed report how we can help in removing any traces of asbestos on your promises.

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For all licenced asbestos works we also can provide you with an intensive Asbestos Management Survey Plan.

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Should you wish to speak with one of our asbestos health and safety consultants we offer free advise.

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